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Academic Journal

Alternate Title: Antihypertensive drug-related genes polymorphisms in hypertensive patients at a certain hospital. (English)

Superior Title: China Tropical Medicine; Nov2022, Vol. 22 Issue 11, p1066-1072, 7p

Academic Journal
Academic Journal

Authors: Li, Yang1 (AUTHOR), Zhao, Danyang1 (AUTHOR), Qian, Minyi1 (AUTHOR), Liu, Jun1 (AUTHOR), Pan, Chuyue1 (AUTHOR), Zhang, Xinxin1 (AUTHOR), Duan, Xubin1 (AUTHOR), Zhang, Yufei1 (AUTHOR), Jia, Wenxin1 (AUTHOR), Wang, Lirui2 (AUTHOR)

Superior Title: British Journal of Pharmacology. May2022, Vol. 179 Issue 9, p2054-2077. 24p. 6 Charts, 4 Graphs.

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Academic Journal

Authors: By:Fitch Ratings; Primary Analyst; Gary Huang, +1-212-908-0315; Analyst; Fitch Ratings, Inc.; One State Street Plaza; New York, NY 10004; or; Secondary Analyst; Karen Ribble, +1-415-732-5611; Senior Director; or; Committee Chairperson; Arlene Bohner, +1-212-908-0554; Director; or; Media Relations; Elizabeth Fogerty, New York, +1-212-908-0526;

Superior Title: Business Wire, February 6, 2013, 3pp