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Academic Journal

Authors: Vagedes, Rose VAff1, IDs11119024101303_cor1, Ackerson, Jason P, Johnson, William G, Young, Bryan G

Superior Title: Precision Agriculture: An International Journal on Advances in Precision Agriculture. 25(3):1688-1713

Academic Journal
Academic Journal
Academic Journal

Authors: Ly, SophiaAff1, Aff2, Manjaly, PriyaAff2, Aff3, Kamal, KanikaAff2, Aff4, Shields, AliAff2, Aff5, Wafae, BrunaAff2, Aff4, Afzal, NajibaAff2, Aff6, Drake, LaraAff2, Aff7, Sanchez, KatherineAff2, Aff8, Gregoire, SamanthaAff2, Aff9, Zhou, Guohai, Mita, Carol, Mostaghimi, ArashAff2, Aff4, IDs40257023008054_cor12

Superior Title: American Journal of Clinical Dermatology. 24(6):875-893

Academic Journal

Superior Title: Journal of Environmental Science & Health, Part B -- Pesticides, Food Contaminants, & Agricultural Wastes. 2021, Vol. 56 Issue 8, p706-721. 16p.

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